I used to wait for ages sometimes for the No. 19 bus when I was living in Dublin, 15 minutes, 20, 30, 40, then two would come along at once, great. Now Jack Snipe are playing the same game with me. I searched for them many times over the years since arriving in France and it became probably the most common species in the region that I hadn’t yet seen. Last weekend I finally saw my first, then today while doing my local patch at La Jallais what got up from under my feet only another Jack Snipe !!! Thankfully I got much better views of this one, despite the foggy conditions here this morning. At this rate I’ll probably start seeing them in groups every time I go out !

Elsewhere on the patch there were 15 Reed Buntings feeding on the track where yesterday there had been only 4 or 5. I put down some grain and seeds so it will be interesting to see what turns up there over the coming days, a Little Bunting would be very nice, a Pine Bunting even better (one can but dream !). Realistically it will most likely be more Reed Buntings and a few Dunnocks . . . now there’s a thought: Siberian Acentor.


The No. 19 bus . . . and Jack Snipe