22 September, right time, right place, nice conditions. A visit to the ringing station at Donges Est in the morning in calm sunny weather produced the usual birds in the nets but as the team weren’t overburdened with birds I decided to have a wander around. The obvious spot were the recently created pools along the embankment which I approached with the sun behind me. While still about 75 m away I set up the scope for a quick look at the pools and lo and behold, a Spotted Crake (Porzana porzana) was feeding at the edge of the reeds. The bird was moving in and out of the edge of vegetation so I fired off a couple of shots, none of which unfortunately show the bird in the open. A couple of seconds later it disappeared and despite watching the area for the following hour it didn’t show again.

It’s in there somewhere !

Yes, that dark blob at the edge of the reeds really is a Spotted Crake !

Spot that !