The other day while carrying out some counts at Paimboeuf on the Loire estuary I spent some moments watching these Avocets feeding on the mud. It was interesting to see how they swished their bills from side to side, quite quickly it must be said, and somehow managed to pick up some small prey items at the same time. Most of the Avocets that have been on the estuary to moult since August have now moved off to their regular winter quarters around the saltpans of Guerande, to the Baie de Bourgneuf just south of the Loire and further afield.

A flock of c.200 Greylag Geese flew downriver during the afternoon and among them 2 European White-fronted Geese which was nice to see also.

avocet_0887 avocet_0896 avocet_0910 avocet_0930 avocet_0936Avocets