The past few days have been cold, foggy and rather grey and today started off much the same. However, by mid-morning the foggy conditions had brightened up a little and then tiny flakes of snow began to fall. This continued for a while before larger flakes started appearing and eventually there was a nice white dusting of snow everywhere. Not only was this the first snow I’ve seen around here in a couple of years but for many of the birds in the garden it must have been the first time they had ever encounterred such conditions. The garden was full of activity all morning as the birds fed; House Sparrows, Blue and Great Tits, Robin, Chaffinches, Dunnock, Starling, Blackbird, Collared Doves and even a Chiffchaff wandered into the garden at one stage. I made the most of the nice lighting by taking a few photos trying to capture the atmosphere which kept me amused for most of the day. I wandered down to the Marais LibĂ©rge at the end of the road in the afternoon but it was almost birdless. No ducks, herons, egrets or Lapwings and only a handful of Black-headed Gulls plus 6 Mute Swans in the freezing conditions which had turned foggy again. No last minute additions to the year list, which ended up at 215 species, but an enjoyable day all the same with common species.

Just look at the expression on his/her face !

No, it’s not a black & white photo, just full-colour in the prevailing conditions on the last day of the year !

31st December 2016 . . . snow !